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Your organization is looking for results. We’re looking for the behaviors that will get you there—which usually means more than one answer. Our learning laboratories use different methods to incubate positive behavior change. Each laboratory is founded on behavioral science, psychology, and the latest organizational research.


So you won’t just learn something new. You’ll apply it in a way that gets the results you’ve been looking for.



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Learning that shapes positive behavior...now that's inspired



that change


Costa Vida

Our story starts with science.

In the past 20 years technology has radically altered what we know about human development, habits, neural response, and positive psychology. Too often, the data is left in laboratories collecting dust instead of improving companies, cultures, and lives. Our learning laboratories are designed to translate this research, make it simple, and especially sticky. 


Marrying the latest behavioral research with actual behavior change is ultimately the science of human potential. You might even say it’s inspiring. 

It’s time to take the best behavioral research and change the world.


Learning Tools:

Our behaviors are a little stubborn. They often need a little help along the way.

We work with field-tested instruments, tools, and assessments. These make the process digestible and the learning concrete.

Learning Tools

Experiences are important for learning, but reflecting on these experience improves productivity, creativity, and engagement. The Q triggers the deepest parts of our brain through a uniquely designed writing journal—memorializing your understanding and improving behaviors.1

Organizations that know and use their strengths are 29% more profitable and have 72% less turnover. Over 16 million people have taken Gallup's StrengthsFinder Assessment—which continuously improves its accuracy. Based on 75 years of behavioral research you’ll receive a customized report with your top five talents. ​2



that change


When we work in teams we have so much to give. But we also have personal needs for inclusion, control, and affection. Firo-b will help you understand how all three affect team dynamics and improve efficiency. It’s simple. Abundantly powerful. And wildly predictive of behavioral outcomes.

Tremendous! They helped us ask the right questions and look at our mission through an entirely different lens! They now know their own strengths... and how to better use them for their team. We've seen incredible innovation, critical thinking, and motivation from within! It's made us believe .

Dr. Jose E.

PhD, Education Managment

This was good. Really good!

We had to change the way we communicate as a team. I've seen a dramatic shift in awareness and effort...but what surprised me most was how we implemented what we learned. They simplified it! 

Jacob W.

Regional President, Marcos Pizza

This experience was a heck-of-a-lot more personal than any other we’ve done. The learning we had today were the exceptions to the rule—we’ve learned exactly what was needed and already seen results.

Kip E.

COO, Kenworth Sales Trucking



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