Andrew Webb

Andrew Webb is a widely recognized, leading authority on habits, positive psychology, and customized learning experiences. As originator of the term “micro-behavior”, he has spent almost two decades exploring how to design the essential behaviors that get results in an organization.


Andrew is a serial entrepreneur because he loves learning something new every day. He started and co-founded a number of companies, including the Inspired Learning Group, True Play, Great Work Company, Q Works, and SAVI International. If you get him talking he’ll tell you about the time he owned the largest Himalayan Yak herd in North America. “It didn’t turn out too well,” he says with a smile.


Andrew’s hands-on operating experience makes him a rare stand-out in the training industry. His greatest passion is to take cutting-edge science and turn them into actual behaviors that change cultures and the bottom line. “It is so easy to enjoy the intellectual entertainment at a training or coaching session,” he says, “but more knowledge doesn’t change behaviors. It requires creative sweat and someone who knows what it means to make a payroll, work in ambiguous environments, understands positive accountability, and can simplify the process for each client.”


Andrew loves presenting for large organizations as well as the intimate coaching sessions with teams. He has consulted with various incubators and leadership companies including LDD, Red Tree Leadership, Bitesize, Arbinger, Vital Smarts, Franklin Covey, and Speed of Trust. Andrew has a Masters in Business from Case Western and bachelor’s degree in American History from BYU. He is the proud father of four and resides in Holladay, Utah.

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