As the co-founder of Franklin Covey, and a co-creator of the Franklin Day Planner, Dennis Webb is one of the most respected entrepreneurs in the Intermountain West. He helped build Franklin into the largest and most respected training company in the world.


Dennis also co-founded or created other successful leadership and training businesses including Q Works, ContentWatch, The Great Work Company, and Candeo. He’s also launched numerous businesses in software, Food Services, Real-Estate, Social Enterprise and even politics.


Dennis also founded or co-founded numerous charitable organizations including Operation Kids, Southern Virginia University, the Mesoamerican Research Foundation,, and the Lighthouse Foundation.


Dennis believes that his diverse entrepreneurial experience provides powerful insights and empathy for every organization that comes through the Inspired Learning Center. “I’ve seen so many ups and downs in in business,” he says, “it helps to design learning experiences to get the right results.”


Dennis believes in public service and was elected Mayor of Holladay City (Utah) for three terms—helping to heal a divided community. He was the founder of the Holladay City Foundation and Founding Chairman of the Unified Police Board and Unified Fire Board of Salt Lake County.


Dennis is most proud of his family. He has been married to his sweetheart Martsie for almost 40 years. They have six children—each claiming to be his favorite—and 15 adorable grandchildren (and growing).

Dennis R. Webb