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For years the Inspired Learning Group sought a space that would foster true learning. Our flagship location is nestled in the heart of the Rocky Mountains at the Zermatt Resort—carefully selected for its unique classroom and reflective environments. This gorgeous setting is a hidden jewel for recreation and adventure. The Learning Center hosts a state of the art facility (65,000 sq/ft of meeting, performance, and exhibition space). Welcome to the new classroom—an unmatched environment for change. Below are our most popular offerings. The ones that have made big differences for a number of organizations.


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Technology is supposed to improve our productivity and efficiency. But too often it leaves employees unengaged and downright overwhelmed. Too many have felt relationships slip, productivity suffer, and information overwhelm. This world-class retreat is led by the best thought leaders on digital balance in the workplace. So you can navigate technology with specific life-changing behaviors. It's the future of happiness.

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Organizations that know and use their strengths are 29% more profitable and have 72% less turnover. Over 16 million people have taken Gallup's StrengthsFinder Assessment—which continuously improves its accuracy. Based on 75 years of behavioral research you’ll receive a customized report with your top five talents.


This immersive experience forces every learner intor a leadership laboratory, regarldess of their title. You'll be shooting the same air-sift rifles used by SWAT teams in training. By days end your team will know how to clear a house full of bad guys just like the pros. You'll walk away with a powerful story, and more importantly, the ability to Lead, Follow, or 'Get Out of the Way'.

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